A Better Life is designed to encompass the whole you; mind, body and soul.  Created by owner and CEO Michael Washington.  Michael is an accomplished Poet, Writer and Inspirational Speaker.  He completed studies in personal fitness and health at ATI Technical University.  He presently has a non-profit organization called "BOLT" (Brothers Out Listening and Teaching).  This mentoring organization focuses on the mental, physical and spiritual aspect of Young men in today's society. 


Life is composed of 5 basic questions: (1) What will be the center of my life? (2) What will be the character of my life? (3) What will be the contribution of my life? (4) What will be the communication of my life? (5) What will be the community of my life?

My life’s purpose is to ALWAYS have the LORD as the center of my life because I do indeed need to worship Him. I will do my best to model His character, because a good disciple must be disciplined. My contribution or service will be unlimited, but I do realize He has blessed me with a personal ministry. My communication to people will be to help them figure out what their purpose in life is and help them understand their significance and value to God’s kingdom. Finally my service to the community will be to “serve” and to “give” with patience.

2nd Timothy 2:24 says, “A servant of the LORD must not quarrel, but be gentle to ALL, able to teach with patience.”